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Welcome to ACMI system support and updates page. This site is designed to give real time updates and supports on our projects. To know more about our products and services, please visit our main website Alpha Centauri Microsystems, Inc..


We already activated the capability of iEnroll to use the curriculum based load limiter. As you can see on the picture, the Maximum Units,Enrolled Units and Enforced are visible. You can toggle Enforcement option under the configuration of iRegistrar system.


Under subjects availability viewer you can now export the data grid to excel. Just set the directory in the Eport to Excel link and input filename in the textbox provided then click the GO button. Just make sure MS-Excel is installed in your machine.


Why wait for weeks to claim your transcript of records when you can wait for a minute or two? For confidentiality reasons we cannot show you a sample page.


Online grades entry and submission for college is now available under Academics -> My Class Lists/Grades menu option. Clicking the save entry button will allow you to make changes later. The submit grades button will forward the grades to the regisrar and lock the grades. This means that the registrar will no longer re-encode the grades in the transcript of records. Well you may call it work underload but we simply call it efficiency.

A glimpse of the future :)

In this time of hyper paced technology, our development team are working overtime to give you the latest and the future technology this world has to offer. Here are our few samples of what's keeping us busy on those sleepless nights.

ASP.NET Core with Angular

Little by little we're porting to these newer technology. In addition we are also moving to json from xml.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology is undeniably one of the most important invention since the discovery of the internet. In the future, this will change the world and we're bringing it closer to you.

Digital Wallet

The development of our digital wallet for your online payment and digital currency will change the way you look at fiat money.


Soon we will be launching our own digital currency (online coin) ticker -ocoin.

VISA/MASTERCARD Direct Printing and Distribution

To speed the delivery of debit card ID's we are working with VISA/MASTERCARD so that we can print it directly in our printing office. Data gathering and id logistics will be fast, real time and highly efficient.

Android and IOS apps development

From paying your utility bills and tuition fees to loading up your service providers anywhere you are. What can be more convenient than having that power in the palm of your hands!

About Us

SIMS is made possible by a number of dedicated people working passionately to let you experience state of the art, efficient and functional technology.

Johannes Torres

LEAD DEVELOPER - Blockchain developer - AI, jLightning, sharding, TOR, atomic swap, hyperledger, but more importantly he's cute.

Mark Russel Anda

ADVANCED RESEARCHER - Blockchain security expert, double spending specialist(he spends more than he earns),Android/IOS/Web wallet developer.

Dennis Alfaro

SQL God - Well versed in multi-platform rdbms like SQL server, mySQL and Oracle. Specialist in SQL security, redundancy and optimization.

Wenifredo Fernandez

CREATIVE MIND - Web UI/UX, creative graphic artist and professional photographer. Internal error debugger.

Henry Sazon

QUALITY ASSURANCE - user support and deployment specialist.

Dev Team

A horde of development and support team.

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